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Cohesive Kraft Linerboard Protective Packaging

Kraft linerboard is a strong, stiff paperboard often used to cover one or both sides of a corrugated medium to make containerboard (the material cardboard boxes are made of). That being said, American Printpak utilizes the properties of this paper to manufacture cohesive kraft linerboard that is used as a durable protective packaging material.

The Most Durable Cohesive Linerboard Packaging on the Market

The main benefit of cohesive linerboard packaging (other than the fact that it’s self-sealing) is that it minimizes product movement during shipping and provides extra protection around object surfaces and edges. As trusted cohesive linerboard manufacturers, our cohesive linerboard is also perfect for packaging and protecting products with more size and mass (like textbooks, automotive parts and other larger, heavier items).

Cohesive Kraft Linerboard Specifications:

Our cohesive kraft liner board can be produced in many different shapes, sizes and weights. The following sections outline these specifications and limitations. If you have any questions regarding our linerboard sizing capabilities, please send us a quote request – we will respond promptly.

Cohesive linerboard for sale


  • 33#, 42#, 56# and 69# - other paper grades available upon request

Roll sizes:

Roll sizes produced are 1” and up to 48”

  • Up to 3000’ - dependent on paper material


Latex Cohesive - Product can be customized to meet seal and peel performance requirements.


Up to 4 colors


Full range of shipping services and terms are available for deliveries to U.S and international locations.

  • Shipping origin Sussex, Wisconsin 53089 USA
  • Vendor Managed inventory programs available

Markets and Applications:

Cohesive linerboard is used in a variety of markets but has been particularly successful for packaging applications such as books, binders, and DVDs.

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