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Touchseal® Cohesive Paper Bands

Touchseal® Cohesive Paper Bands

Touchseal® cohesive paper bands are designed to wrap around product and seal to itself. Our cohesive paper bands are available in both a latex free or latex version. Cohesive bands are ideal for banding such products as medical tubing, lap sponges, medical gauze, shop towels, industrial uniforms, envelopes, and printed literature.

Touchseal® cohesive paper banding material options:


Various substrates available to meet customer requirements.
  • Medical grade sterilizable kraft paper from 40# to 60# basis weight
  • Bleached white kraft papers from 40# to 70# basis weight
  • Natural brown kraft papers from 40# to 90# basis weight
  • Tyvek® 1059B

Band sizes:

Produced to customer specifications. The cohesive band length is determined by adding the measurement of the perimeter of the product to be banded with the desired overlap of the cohesive area.

  1. Minimum height: 1/2 inch
  2. Maximum height: 18 inches
  3. Minimum width: 4-1/2 inches
  4. Maximum width: 36 inches
cohesive band diagram

Coating area:

Coating area is tailor made to customer specification. 
  1. Opposite ends / opposite sides for “lap” type seal
  2. Opposite end / same side for “fin” type seal
  3. Overall coated one side for “fin” type seal


Latex and latex free cold seals available.  Product can be customized to meet seal and peel performance requirements.


Flexographic up to 3 colors – additional charges for plates & artwork


Full range of shipping services and terms are available for deliveries to U.S and international locations.

  • Shipping origin Sussex, Wisconsin 53089 USA
  • Vendor Managed Inventory programs available